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Our 50th Checkatrade Review!

Our 50th Checkatrade Review!   A wealth of coverage in the Press about housing bubbles, house price increases, the government’s right to buy scheme, housing benefit changes and first time buyers desperate to get a foot on the ladder shows that moving home is high on the nation’s collective subconscious. Moving home is a bit like childbirth – incredibly painful whilst you’re going through it but give it some time and months later you’re often thinking about doing it again.   In a life-time it’s also not something most people do that often. When it comes to moving home the last
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Moving Horror Stories

Moving Horror Stories   Thankfully this horror story was way before the move which LOVE Removals carried out and happened in South Africa, not the UK. However, this is the worst moving story we’ve heard so far. A young, married South African couple had their first daughter and reluctantly decided, because of the unrest, that whilst it might be okay for them as a couple, now they had a child they wanted a safer life for her than that offered in South Africa. With heavy hearts they decided to leave everything they knew in South Africa, their relatives and friends
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