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Where To Find Boxes For Moving House

  You’re moving and there is a distinct lack of boxes in which to safely transport your belongings.  This is a familiar problem for a lot of people.  Gone are the days when a lot of us kept a store of old boxes for any occasion.  A disposable society, and a need to maximise living space, mean that the practice has become much less regular. So what should you do if you are searching for boxes for your home move? You may think “that’s easy”, you can just buy them online.  Put “house moving boxes” into a search engine and
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Tips For Getting A Mortgage With Bad Credit

  Tips For Getting A Mortgage With Bad Credit   With the global financial crisis over recent years, has come an increase in the number of people who have less than stellar credit.  If you have missed payments on credit cards or loans, or you have payment agreements or IVAs in place, you will struggle to get a traditional mortgage. To understand your mortgage situation you need to recognise what the current financial lending climate is.  In contrast to the situation pre-2007 lenders are now extremely reluctant to provide a facility to people who don’t have a great credit rating.
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