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Moving When Pregnant – Advice for Relocating When Pregnant

Moving home is often a stressful experience anyway; add pregnancy to the equation and it can seem like an impossible task. There are ways to make moving when pregnant a little easier though. You can survive the experience and really enjoy your new home. Obviously, in an ideal world, you would not move into a new home during pregnancy, but the world is often not ideal. Home moves can be dictated by many things, such as financing and job moves, so timing isn’t always everything you would want it to be. You can make the most of the situation, with
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Moving Home Checklist – Your Essential Guide Before & Up To Moving Day

A moving home checklist can help at a very stressful time when it’s easy to forget some of the necessary arrangements and organisation. This is especially likely to happen if you’re in the process of going through a complicated house sale. It’s difficult to think about the actual mechanics of moving when you’re still concentrating on securing a home to move to. Difficult or not, you do have to be prepared for your move. You can’t just leave everything until the last minute and expect it to fall into place. So what sort of things do you need to remember
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Moving Home With A Cat

Cats are territorial animals so a house move can be a very traumatic event for them. You need to give a lot of thought to how you can reduce the level of stress as much as possible, during the move and after. Here are some tips to help when moving home with a cat. Some cats are by nature less easily stressed than others so you will probably have an idea as to how much the move will cause problems for the feline in your family. That being said any cat needs special attention when a house move is taking
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