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How To Decorate A Rental Home Without Painting

It can be really frustrating to be living in rented accommodation and not be able to change the paintwork. If you are restricted by your lease as to whether you can repaint or not you may think that you are stuck with your décor the way it is; this isn’t true. Painting isn’t the only way you can update your living space, and get a welcome change of scenery; you just need to be a little creative. We are going to take a look at a few ideas you might want to consider if painting your home isn’t an option.
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Tips On Cleaning Your House To Sell

If you are putting your home on the market, and you want it to sell as easily as possible, you need to ensure that it’s attractive to buyers. A major part of this is cleaning the property effectively. Look at your home with an objective eye and ask yourself what you would think if you were viewing the property as a potential buyer. You need to be honest with yourself, and make sure that your home is brought completely up to scratch. Any damage needs to be repaired and all of your rooms need to sparkle when people enter; especially
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