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Advice For Moving House When On Benefits

There can be many reasons for moving home. It could be that you want or need to be closer to family members, or that you are moving because you need a larger property to house a growing family of your own. Alternatively, it could be that your financial position has resulted in a need to downsize, or that you wish to move to an area where you are more likely to find a job, or even that you are having to move because of your job. Whatever the reason, it could be that the person moving is also claiming benefits
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Tips For Moving House With A Dog

A dog really is a man’s (and woman’s) best friend, so it’s no surprise that 24% of homes have a pet dog within them according to the 2015 Pet Report commissioned by the PFMA. They become so much part of the family that people can sometime forget that they do need to be treated a little differently on occasions, and a prime example of this is when moving home. By following our tips for moving house with a dog you can ensure that your four legged pal arrives at their new home with his tail wagging happily.   Acclimatising Your
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