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Top Tips for Buying a Repossessed Home at Auction

Buying a repossessed home at auction can provide potential buyers with a quick purchase and a means for investment. Buying at auction comes with both risks and high pay offs, especially in today’s difficult property market. Repossessed homes can often go for extremely low prices as the banks or property owners are losing out on money whilst the property remains empty. However, not every repossessed home that comes up at auction is a bargain, despite the low prices. These top tips are your essential guide to sensibly buying yourself a repossessed home at an auction.   Planning to Buy a
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5 Helpful Moving Home Apps

In a world where thousands of new apps are submitted to online application stores each day (Source: IBTimes) it’s hardly surprising that you can find an app to help you with just about anything. Can’t sleep at night? There’s an app for that.  Moving home? There’s an app for that too. In fact, there’s plenty of helpful apps out there that can ease the stresses of moving home. App stores from Android, Apple and Google Play all have a range of fantastic apps for you to download and use right now. We’ve put together a short list of the five
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