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Tenant Rights When There is a Deposit Dispute with the Landlord

A deposit for a rented property is a financial pledge that, as a tenant, we will follow the terms of the tenancy agreement at the risk of losing money if those terms are broken. For the most part, this isn’t a problem. We pay our deposit and get it back at the end of our tenancy agreement. Landlords call this a damage deposit from which they can subtract the cost of any damages at the end of the tenancy that are beyond reasonable wear and tear. Generally, most tenants get their deposit back with no problems, but this isn’t always
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The Complete List of Who You Need to Contact When Moving Home

The never ending to-do list when you move home can be seriously stressful. Here is the complete list of everyone you need to contact when moving home. We recommend setting some time aside the week before you move to work your way through this list. We have tried to make the process as organised as possible by providing the website links for any contacts that allow you to change your address online.       Services and Utilities TV Licence  – Online You can update your TV licence up to three months before you actually move. Updating your TV licence
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