Our 50th Checkatrade Review!

checkatrade reviewOur 50th Checkatrade Review!


A wealth of coverage in the Press about housing bubbles, house price increases, the government’s right to buy scheme, housing benefit changes and first time buyers desperate to get a foot on the ladder shows that moving home is high on the nation’s collective subconscious.

Moving home is a bit like childbirth – incredibly painful whilst you’re going through it but give it some time and months later you’re often thinking about doing it again.   In a life-time it’s also not something most people do that often.

When it comes to moving home the last consideration is often the removals company to be used.  People often opt for the company offering the cheapest quotation without following it through to the logical conclusion: you get what you pay for.

As with childbirth, there are horror stories and wonder stories.  There are even stories where customer’s actually enjoyed the moving experience and that’s not because they had a Caesarean and felt no pain.  Stress-free, pain-free moves are what we aim for at LOVE Removals and from our Checkatrade reviews you will see that we are succeeding in our quest.

Bad experiences we have heard include customers held to ransom by their removals company demanding extra money before they’d unload.  Or others who charged key waiting fees and increased their profits by inflating their hourly rates to include lunch hours and tea breaks.  Another was even caught sitting in a lay-by to inflate his final bill.

Whilst it may not matter who you get to mow your lawn or clean your windows, who you choose to move with can make the difference between a highly stressful, anxiety provoking moving day and a day that almost becomes fun despite it being up there in the list of high stress life events.

At LOVE Removals, as you’ll see from our Checkatrade reviews, we offer a service second to none with a cheerful smile and a “can-do” attitude.  After re-branding and launching in December 2013 LOVE Removals joined Checkatrade to prove that its ongoing dedication to customer service was more than lip service.

We’ve just received our 50th independent review – none of which has been written by our mothers, or grannies, or aunties or friends.  The beauty of Checkatrade is that it’s written by real people who we have moved and we’re exceedingly proud of our 10 out of 10 average score.


We know we’re biased, but we LOVE our branding and our customers’ seem to LOVE the service we provide, as the reviews testify, so if you have a horrendous moving experience, let us restore your faith in an industry which hasn’t always had the best of reviews…….