The Complete List of Who You Need to Contact When Moving Home

list of who you need to contat when moving homeThe never ending to-do list when you move home can be seriously stressful. Here is the complete list of everyone you need to contact when moving home. We recommend setting some time aside the week before you move to work your way through this list. We have tried to make the process as organised as possible by providing the website links for any contacts that allow you to change your address online.




Services and Utilities

TV Licence  – Online
You can update your TV licence up to three months before you actually move. Updating your TV licence online takes only a few minutes to do.

Gas, Electricity & Water Telephone
You will need to inform your utility company if you are moving so that you can either cancel your service or set your service up at your new address.

TV, Phone & Internet Providers – Telephone

Make sure you cancel your service before you move so that you don’t end up paying for two different properties. Call any new providers before you move to set up your new service and to arrange any installation work that may need doing.

Insurance Companies – Telephone
Change your address over the telephone for any of your insurance providers. This could be home insurance, travel, pet, life or specific content insurance (i.e mobile phone insurance).


Financial and Personal

Healthcare – Telephone, In Person
You will need to update your address at your dentist, doctors and opticians. Don’t forget to change your address at your vets too if you have any pets.

Banking – Telephone, In Person
Changing your address with your bank can usually be done over the telephone or by visiting your nearest branch. It doesn’t take long to do and the system usually takes around 24 hours to update.

Loans, Debts, Benefits and & Other Financial Service Providers – Telephone
Create a list of all of your financial companies. This could be your credit card provider, debt management company or benefits provider. You can change your address over the phone for all of these providers.

Mobile Phone Contracts, Buy Now Pay Later Schemes, Credit Schemes – Telephone, Online
Make a quick list of any monthly payments or credit schemes you are part of. You may be able to change your address online depending on the company.

Your Employer – In Person

You will also need to update your address with your employer. Write your new address down on a piece of paper so that it can be easily updated on to the company system.


Registrations and Subscriptions

Loyalty Programmes – Online
You can change your address for any of your loyalty programmes by visiting the appropriate website for that company. There are dozens of loyalty programmes out there from store cards such as Tesco Club Card and Boots Card, hotel and flight reward programmes such as Hilton Honours or Avios Miles and dining programmes such as Taste Card. You will need to update your address for any loyalty programme you use.

Driving Licence & Vehicle Registration – Online
Changing the address on your driving licence or vehicle registration can be done easily online. You will need to sign up for a government ID (log in access to so that you can update your information. You could end up with a fine if you fail to update your vehicle registration information.
The Electoral Register – Online
Your new address isn’t automatically updated on the electoral register when you move home. If you want to register to vote or update your address you need to visit the electoral register. It only takes a few minutes and all you need is your National Insurance number.
Organ Donor RegisterOnline
If you are an organ donor you can easily amend your address details online. The form takes around two minutes to complete and then you’re updated.
The Royal Mail’s Postal Redirect Service  – Online
No matter how prepared you are when it comes to changing your address, there’ll always be the odd few letters that still make their way to your old letter box. From £29.99 you can have your mail redirected to your new address for up to 12 months after your moving date. You can apply for this three months in advance of your moving date and you can do it all online within minutes.