Moving Horror Stories

moving horror storiesMoving Horror Stories


Thankfully this horror story was way before the move which LOVE Removals carried out and happened in South Africa, not the UK. However, this is the worst moving story we’ve heard so far.

A young, married South African couple had their first daughter and reluctantly decided, because of the unrest, that whilst it might be okay for them as a couple, now they had a child they wanted a safer life for her than that offered in South Africa. With heavy hearts they decided to leave everything they knew in South Africa, their relatives and friends and emigrate to England.

There was much soul searching and up until the day before the move from South Africa to the UK the couple questioned their decision, feeling they were letting the side down having always sworn they would be the last white South Africans remaining in the country.

The house was packed and all their furniture and worldly possessions packed and ready for shipping the following day. They went to bed that night still wondering whether they were doing the right thing leaving their home.

That night they were gassed in their sleep by armed raiders who flushed gas through the windows to knock them unconscious and then ransacked the house stealing everything. It was only a stroke of pure luck that on the way out of the house the robbers, in their haste, pressed a panic alarm which alerted security guards in the compound. The police told the couple the following day that had the raiders not done this they would have returned to rape both the mother and her baby daughter. To add insult to injury the insurance company wouldn’t pay out on the loss sustained because they thought it was too fishy with them emigrating to England the following day.

When the wife asked us to wrap her ornamental “angels” carefully because they were very precious to her we could perfectly understand why.

How much more traumatic can a move be than that? First you’re moving continents, leaving behind everything you know for a new and hopefully better life and then you’re gassed and robbed the night before. When LOVE went in to pack the house up it was not hard for us to give the family, now a family of four, a move that by comparison was a breeze and left us with a Checkatrade score of 10 out of 10.

Post your moving horror stories. We’d be interested to hear them……….