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5 Costs To Factor In When Moving

Moving house can be a stressful time – often considered one of the most stressful life events you can go through – as there can be a lot to think about and keep track of, plus quite a few costs to cover. Whether you’re moving between rental properties or into a house you’ve just purchased, it’s important to consider all the costs of moving so that you don’t have to cough up extra cash at the last minute! Making a list of all the costs you might encounter is a great way to take control of your finances and will help you feel more zen about the whole experience. So what questions should you ask yourself when preparing for a move?


How Much Do You Need To Pay Your Estate Agent?

When moving into a new rental, the first month is generally the most expensive. As well as reference checks, you’ll need to pay a deposit alongside the first month’s rent. While you should get this back at the end of the tenancy, this is often the most costly part of the move. Hopefully though, you’ll get your deposit back from your previous let once you’ve moved out so this will help replenish your account. Also be aware that some agents may charge a check-out fee so read the small print of your contract to see what your obligations are.


How Deep Do You Need To Clean?

There are also a few costs that arise from leaving your last home at the time of the move. Check your rental contract to see how your landlord expects to find the property. Do you need to hire professional cleaners to blitz the place from top to bottom or can you get it to an acceptable point by yourself? You may only need to pay a cleaner for certain things. For example, if you’ve been making full use of your oven and it’s now a little grimey then you’ll want to get a professional in to clean it or use some oven cleaner yourself. Or maybe you need to get a carpet cleaner in to deal with those accidental dollops of ketchup on the carpet. Hopefully you can put in the time yourself but investing in a professional clean could help you get all of your deposit back.


Do You Need To Pay For a Professional Removals Service?

If you don’t have a lot to move, you may be able to complete the move in a few car-loads or even with hiring a van yourself for the day. However, if you’ve got larger items to move or aren’t sure if you’ll be able to carry your bed down a flight of stairs, then a professional removal company can help ensure that your moving day is stress free. You should also consider the costs of storage if you need to stash your stuff somewhere for a couple of weeks between the end of your tenancy and the start of your new one. No removal company should charge you for a simple quote so feel free to leave your details and get a quote from us for your big move! We’re a big fan of helping people move and can help make your move a calmer experience, from offering packing services to dis-assembling and reassembling your furniture – in fact, you might even grow to LOVE the move!


Notify Utilities Companies Of Your Move

It’s essential that you take utilities readings on the day that you move out of your property to ensure that you’re not covering costs for the people moving in! It’s important to check your contracts with your utilities providers and give them the appropriate notice as you may incur some costs for terminating a contract early or have to pay an account closure fee. Some utilities may be transferrable to your new place, such as wifi which is well worth planning ahead for so that you’re back to streaming your favourite Netflix shows as soon as possible.


Safety First: Make Sure You’re Covered

Insurance is an important factor when moving; most lettings agents require you to have purchased tenants’ insurance before you can move in. It’s important to shop around for insurance – although the agent might recommend a certain provider, this might not necessarily be the best deal. Just check with the agent that it meets their requirements before you buy. You should also make sure that your removal company is insured for your move; a fully insured, professional removals service like Love Removals ensures that transporting your items is risk free. It’s always a good idea to read up on removals reviews online so that you can be sure your treasured possessions will be treated with care. Finally, be aware that changing your address with your current insurance providers, such as your car insurance, could come with a fee. Nevertheless, it’s important to update your address as soon as possible because this could invalidate your insurance policy.


Have Some Fun: Get Excited About Your New Place!

Get a few quotes, check your existing contracts, and pull together a final moving budget so that you can feel organised and smug – you’ve got it all covered! With a proper moving budget you’ll be able to relax and start to get excited about the move. Rather than focusing on the stresses and financial costs, you can feel more positive. You can focus on your packing, how you’re going to decorate your new place, or how much you’re looking forward to living opposite a great coffee shop!

5 Costs To Factor In When Moving

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