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How to Choose A Removals Company? 5 Top Tips


Moving house can be a time consuming and stressful event! Just when you’ve found your new pad and figured out when the move is likely to be, you’ll need to start thinking about packing, arranging utilities, and of course, the moving day itself. Hiring a removals company to take care of transporting your possessions to your new pad can help take the stress out of moving day and speed up the process!

However, just as when you opt for any service, you’ll want to shop around a bit and ensure you pick a removals company that is priced reasonably and, more importantly, will be reliable and take great care of your precious possessions! We’d recommend speaking to at least 3 removals companies to understand their level of service and get a comprehensive quote before making a final decision.


5 Considerations To Help You Pick The Best Removals Company!


  1. Read the Reviews  A quick search on Google or Checkatrade should give you a good idea of the level of customer service a removals company provides and whether you should go for it or steer clear! Opt for a local removals company if you can and make sure that they’ve got recent, positive reviews that look genuine.

    Reviewing independent customer feedback should help you feel assured in your decision. And another good question to ask yourself is does your first contact at your removals company seem friendly? When you’re handing over your worldly goods to someone, it’s important that you feel a sense of rapport and trust!

  2. Ask for a Survey  For a simple move, like a one bedroom flat with easy access, you may not need an on-site survey. However, if you have difficult access, a large house or heavy items to move then it’s best to book an appointment with your removals company so they can come and assess access and take stock of how much you need to move; then they can provide the right vehicle and the right number of movers on the day! Make sure you’re clear on what you’ll be taking with you – and what you’ll be getting rid of before the move – so that your movers come fully prepared and aren’t met with any surprises! 

  3. Do They Offer All The Moving Services You Need?  If you have lots of flat-pack furniture – and you don’t want the extra hassle of deconstructing and rebuilding it – make sure that your removals company can help with this! The LOVE team will disassemble and reassemble three items of furniture for you, all included! You’d rather be tucking into your takeaway on the first night in your new place than trying to rebuild your bed.

    Do you need your removals company to provide packing materials, or even full or partial packing services? We provide packing materials at cost price within a 25 mile radius of our head office so that’s one less thing for you to have to take care of. If you can’t move straight into your new pad, or are downsizing so need somewhere to store extra possessions, ensure your removals company can also help provide you with storage.

  4. Oops! What About Delays?  Sometimes when moving home, there may be a delay gaining access to the property, especially if you’re part of a buying chain and the sellers haven’t moved on time or funds haven’t arrived on time.

    Check what fees apply if there’s a delay or even a change to your moving date. Hopefully everything will go smoothly on the day but it’s always best to be prepared! We understand that sometimes delays happen and we don’t charge extra for this as standard.

  5. Project Yourself – Ask The Right Questions! Here’s a quick checklist to ensure you don’t get caught out and avoid any scams – you don’t want to be parting with possessions or cash unless you’re absolutely sure that the removals company is legit:

    • It’s worth talking to your removals company about the level of insurance they have for goods in transit. If you have any particularly high value goods to transport, you may need to arrange extra cover with your own insurance company.
    • Payment should be simple; be wary of companies that only ask for cash in hand payments or large deposits. Most organisations won’t ask for payment until closer to your moving date and should be able to accept credit/debit card payments as well as bank transfer, and cheque payments. At LOVE Removals we don’t charge a deposit so that’s one fewer thing you have to worry about.
    • Ask about their complaints procedure; hopefully you won’t need this but it’s good to know in case something doesn’t go to plan! A reputable firm should have a comprehensive procedure in place so you can be sure you’re choosing the right provider and are protected.
    • Employees should be uniformed so you can easily identify them on the day – you should get an idea of this when they come to do the survey for your move.


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Although moving house can feel like a rush, take your time with choosing your removals provider – a team that really goes the extra mile for you will really help you feel more relaxed on your moving day! To ensure everything goes smoothly, our experienced team will provide you with an individual removals plan alongside your quote, tailored to your individual needs so you have all the detail you need.

We LOVE taking the stress out of moving for our customers and helping them feel excited about their move! If you’re considering moving, get in touch to discuss your moving needs and we’ll provide you with a no-obligation quote.



How to Choose A Removals Company? 5 Top Tips

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