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How to Protect Furniture When Moving Home


Protecting your furniture whilst moving home is obviously going to be a major concern for you. If you are hiring a fully insured, professional removals company such as Love Removals, they will take care of this task for you.

However, if you have decided to do the move yourself, you’ll need to follow a few simple rules to ensure that all your furniture is transported to your new home without succumbing to any damage.

Here are a few tips on how to protect your furniture when moving home:

1.Gather Your Packing Materials

If you are carrying out the move yourself you’ll need bubble wrap, styrofoam pieces, old towels and pillow cases, strong tape and of course boxes. At Love Removals we offer a professional packing service and we will supply all these materials for you.

2.Clean Your Furniture

Cleaning your furniture before packing it for moving will help ensure you don’t transport dust to your new home. It will also prevent any large dirt particles from scratching the surfaces of your wooden furniture.

3.Empty Out Your Furniture

It may be tempting to leave those desk drawers full during transportation to your new home. However, you risk drawer contents being broken in transit. Emptying your furniture will also give you the opportunity to sort out which things you really need to be taking to your new home versus the things you can discard or give to charity

4.Disassemble Your Furniture

The next step is to disassemble your furniture as much as possible. Legs come off beds, tables and chairs. People often skip this step because of the time involved to disassemble and reassemble. However, pieces are easier to pack when disassembled. They take up less room and are less likely to get damaged if they are taken apart and shipped in pieces. If there are manuals, screws, nuts and bolts and other assembly pieces, and/or warranties, place these in zip lock bags and tape to the underside of furniture pieces for easy reassembly.

5.Wrap and Pack

Now your furniture has been disassembled, it is time to wrap up anything prone to scratching or breaking, in your protective packing materials – old towels, bubble wrap etc. Odd shaped objects such as glass vases can be packed away inside telescoping boxes, safely cocooned in styrofoam balls.

6.Wrap Upholstery

Cover mattresses and upholstered furniture with old sheets and blankets to prevent them from picking up dirt during the move to your new home. The last thing you want to be doing later is scrubbing dirt off your three piece suite!

7.Pack the Removals Vehicle

It is easiest to load the heaviest furniture and appliances  and have a couple of people in the van to load the interior. Make sure any fragile items are adequately protected and all your belongings are firmly secured before setting off for your new home.

Moving day can often be a stressful experience, but with adequate planning, you can alleviate a lot of this worry and have peace of mind that all your furniture will arrive at your new home undamaged.

And if you don’t want to be dealing with all this stress, let the experts at Love Removals handle all this for you!

How to Protect Furniture When Moving Home

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