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5 Helpful Moving Home Apps


In a world where thousands of new apps are submitted to online application stores each day (Source: IBTimes) it’s hardly surprising that you can find an app to help you with just about anything. Can’t sleep at night? There’s an app for that.  Moving home? There’s an app for that too. In fact, there’s plenty of helpful apps out there that can ease the stresses of moving home. App stores from Android, Apple and Google Play all have a range of fantastic apps for you to download and use right now. We’ve put together a short list of the five most helpful apps you need to help you move home.    

Apple Products

5.Home Move Pro (iPhone, iPad, FREE)

OnDemandWorld, the brains behind this free app, aims to “make your house moving worry free”. Home Move Pro tackles the organising and managing side of moving home. It’s your collection of to-do lists, contacts, checklists and anything else you may need to organise before you move. It comes with basic templates and suggestions for these lists but also allows you to add your own. You can also capture photographs, make voice recordings and save locations too. The contacts section is fantastic for saving all of the relevant numbers you will need both before and after your move, from your new local take away to your new landlord.  

4. Packing Pro (iPhone, iPad, £2.29)

Packing Pro is an app that has been around for a few years. Not only does it boast of 11 different language options, but it has previously been featured in Apple’s list of essential apps. Packing Pro allows you to create packing to-do lists and catalogue items. The best way to use this app when moving home is to create a list for each room or box. You can set reminders, deadline alerts, track how many items are in each room or box and there is also an option to print your lists.  

Android & Google Play

3. Move Match (Android, Free)

Move Match was designed to ease the packing and moving process as much as possible. The app calculates the approximate weight of your household items and boxes and also allows you to create inventory lists. You can then forward this information to moving companies in your search for the best quotes and prices.  Move Match also has features for taking photographs of your items and rooms and adjusting the survey sheets that you forward to removals companies.

2. My Move (Android, Free)

My Move is an app that aims to help you “find your perfect moving company fast”.  The international app covers a range of locations ranging from the UK to Australia and also comes with moving tips, checklists and notes. My Move collects quotes and information from moving companies all over the world to help you find reliable companies and get you the best quotes. Researching for your move has never been easier.  

1. Move Advisor (Android, Free)

Also available on Apple devices, Move Advisor is an easy to use app that helps you manage every aspect of moving. The moving timeline on Move Advisor offers a personalised week by week checklist based on your moving date that you can customise and add to. The home inventory section allows you to add rooms, virtually pack your items so that you can work out how many boxes and how much space you will need. The data is then shared with moving companies and other relevant people involved in the moving process. With Move Advisor you can find removal companies that are trustworthy and reliable and view their ratings. You can also use this section of the app to get accurate, no-obligation quotes and compare moving companies. Move Advisor successfully manages to recognise everything that’s great about the other apps featured in this list and transform all those features into a free, easy to use stress-saving app.

5 Helpful Moving Home Apps

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