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20 Moving House Hacks to Ensure You Stay Sane


I don’t know anybody that enjoys moving house but it is one of those things that we all do probably more than once in our lifetime.

Packing and moving can be very stressful and tiring, which is why we have compiled the ultimate list of moving house hacks to ensure you stay sane!


Let’s begin!

1      Pack an overnight bag. After a busy day of moving you will be exhausted by the end of it. The last thing you want to be doing is pouring through boxes trying to find your pyjamas and a spare toothbrush. Pack all your essentials in an overnight bag so you have everything you need come bedtime.

2      Use plastic see-through boxes instead of cardboard boxes. Not only are they stronger but you won’t have to keep guessing what’s in each box and you’ll be able to see the contents making it easier to grab what you need when you need it.

3      Use old clothes to pack fragile items. Buying tonnes of bubble wrap can be an expensive option. Save some money and wrap any fragile items in any old clothes you have laying around.

4      Label each box with the room its intended for. If you are using a removal company they will love you for this! It will make their job a lot easier because each box along with its contents will be in the correct room all ready for you to unpack.

5      Use socks as storage. Just make sure they are clean! Socks are great for storing things like cutlery, stationary and anything else you can fit in them.

6      Wrap any liquid bottles in cling film. The last thing you want is for bottles of shampoo or shower gel to leak or explode and ruin everything in sight. Wrap them in cling film so if they leak or get damaged all the mess will be contained.

7      Seal drawers shut and leave them in the cabinets. As long as it’s not too heavy or the drawers contain anything that could be broken you can move the entire chest of drawers in one go – a huge time saver.

8      Use sandwich bags to store small objects. Sandwich bags are great for storing small items such as jewelry or screws for any furniture that has been dismantled.

9      Take photos of your electronics so you know where all the cables go. This will make reconnecting your TV or computer a breeze.

10    Use suitcase and other luggage instead of boxes. We all run out of boxes on moving day but don’t worry, use your existing luggage to store things such as clothes or any other non-fragile belongings.

11    Keep your clothes on the hanger. Either wrap your clothes around the hanger or lay everything flat. When you unpack your clothes they can be hung in your wardrobe straight away.

12    Number your boxes. This way you can keep an inventory and you will instantly know if any boxes have mysteriously gone missing!

13    Don’t move the piano yourself! Things like pianos, grandfather clocks and anything similar of great value should be left to the pros. Perform a quick Google search and hire a specialist removal company.

14    Sell any unwanted items before you move. There is no point in moving unwanted goods into a new home. eBay any unwanted items or set up a stall at your local car boot sale to get rid of anything you don’t need.

15    Get rid of your pets. Not forever, just during the move! The last thing you want is your dog or cat getting in everybody’s way. Either ask a friend to dog sit or hire a sitter for the day.

16    De-frost your fridge AT LEAST two days before moving. Ideally, three or four days before, this ensures it doesn’t contain any liquid that can cause a mess.

17   Place post it notes in your new home so you know what furniture needs to go where. You can take this a step further and create a floor plan of your new home to avoid any confusion.

18   Don’t go hungry. The day before you move pack a cool box full of easy to eat food such as sandwiches, crisps, fruit etc. You don’t want to go hungry but you won’t have time to prepare anything on the actual day.

19   Know where your tools are. Things like screw drivers, hammers, duct tape and scissors will certainly be needed on moving day. Keep your tools in a toolbox so everybody knows where they are if they need them.

20  ‘Borrow’ cardboard boxes from supermarkets. Most supermarkets have cardboard boxes that you can use for shopping. If you fall short of boxes try and sneak a few out of the supermarket without being caught!

20 Moving House Hacks to Ensure You Stay Sane

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