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Have You Considered These Traditions For Moving Into A New House?

Moving home can feel like a bit of a daunting process at times – with so much to think about, it can increase your stress levels. However, there are some traditions you can follow to make it into more of a right of passage or ritual. Plus, some of these can be pretty interesting! If you’re someone that is concerned about the energy of your new house and wants to get off to the most positive start then you might want to take extra steps when moving in to ensure that you can establish the vibe you want. Here are some moving house traditions that might turn out to be literally up your street.


1. Think About The Date

Perhaps you’re the suspicious type? In some cultures, picking the right moving date is key! In China, it is seen as essential to choose a good date for moving in by looking at the lunar calendar and ensuring that the dates don’t clash with your zodiac sign. The time of day is also important; moving in the morning is best because any time before noon is considered “Yang” and afternoon is considered “Yin.” If your moving date is flexible then you might want to check the weather forecast as there is a superstition that it’s best not to move on a rainy day as this could set a negative tone – plus, your moving boxes will get wet! However, don’t panic if you end up having to move on a day that isn’t particularly auspicious. Moving on a day that is cheaper such as mid-week is clearly important too and there are other ways to set your house up for good fortune.


2. Let Some Air In

Opening the doors and windows of your home is a great idea when you move into your new place. Not only will this air the place out (it might be a bit stuffy and stagnant if it’s been locked up for a few weeks), but it also signifies that the energies in your house are being renewed and cleansed. Along the same lines, you should use brand new cleaning equipment to clean your place thoroughly. It’s advisable to get rid of any old mops and brooms before you move house as you don’t want any ‘old dirt’ hanging about, signifying any troubles from the past.


3. Consult A Feng Shui Expert

Do you ever just get the feeling that your place has a good energy about it? Well, arranging your possessions in the room so that the energy flows is actually an ancient Chines tradition that has become a profession. Feng shui is a way to use energy forces to harmonize people with their environment. You might want to use a feng shui expert or even try to be mindful of feng shui tips yourself when you’re moving into your new home. The initial things to bear in mind are to remove your clutter to allow the Chi energy to circulate properly, use air purifying plants, and allow as much natural light in as possible. There are fun ways to use your feng shui birth element in your decorations – incorporate elements of wood, fire, earth, water, and metal. Finally, you should pay special attention to the “trinity” of rooms in your house: your bedroom, bathroom and kitchen to support your well-being!


4. Indulge In Some Old, Food-Oriented Traditions

There are some rituals that you can use if you believe in luck! In some traditions, people believe that bread and salt represent hospitality so these should be the first items in your new home. The bread wards off hunger and the salt signifieds a life full of flavor. Another property that salt has been credited with is warding off evil spirits so this is an ingredient you should probably consider taking with you just in case! In Chinese traditions, you should bring uncooked rice into your house to ensure prosperity, or an Orange tree to bring luck to your home. And if you’re conscious of the energy in your home, burning sage is supposed to remove any negative energy. Who knew these simple store cupboard ingredients could be so important to your move!


5. Set The Right Tone With Family: Celebrate Your Move!

Get your new life off to the best start by ensuring that there are no arguments between you on the moving in day – you don’t want things to be unharmonious from the outset. Welcoming friends and family into your new home is an important part of establishing your new place as somewhere that will bring you together and foster memories – and show that it is a space to be enjoyed by others as well as yourself. There will be some moving milestones that you can delight in together such as your first cup of tea once all your stuff has been unloaded and a housewarming meal to welcome your guests. Or, you might even opt for a larger party where you can invite more people to have a bit of fun in your new pad!


Make Your Own Traditions

While there are plenty of traditions, rituals and superstitions that you can get wrapped up in when you move home, don’t panic too much if it rains or if you have a bit of a family fight on moving in day – after all, there are parts of moving that are simply out of your control and they won’t necessarily mean that you aren’t happy in your new place. Once you move in you can start to carve out your own traditions – whether that’s getting fish and chips from the local chippy every Tuesday or simply bringing your family traditions such as games night to your new home. Ultimately, the best thing you can do is fill your new home with love and laughter right from the outset!

Have You Considered These Traditions For Moving Into A New House?

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