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Moving When Pregnant – Advice for Relocating When Pregnant


Moving home is often a stressful experience anyway; add pregnancy to the equation and it can seem like an impossible task. There are ways to make moving when pregnant a little easier though. You can survive the experience and really enjoy your new home.

Obviously, in an ideal world, you would not move into a new home during pregnancy, but the world is often not ideal. Home moves can be dictated by many things, such as financing and job moves, so timing isn’t always everything you would want it to be. You can make the most of the situation, with a little help and some organisation.

Organisation is a must

Being organised is vital if you’re going to make the move as easy as possible. Chances are that your hormones are going to be playing havoc with your emotions and you don’t want to add any extra stress to the pile. As soon as you know you will be moving start making lists of what you need to do and what you need to take with you. Even if you are not really a making lists type of person, and you’re sure you can remember everything, why leave it to chance.

Don’t be stubborn, accept help

This is especially important if you’re moving on your own. Packing large items into boxes is not an ideal task when you’re pregnant, so if people offer a hand then take it. You can even elicit a little at assistance with the offer of some pizza and drinks in return.

Allow time for packing

Remember that you’ll probably tire more quickly than normal so start packing early. This takes the pressure off so you don’t feel stressed if you have to take your time. It’s important to label everything; this will save any emotional situations when you get to your new home and you can’t find the item you need. It’s a good idea to keep any items that you may feel especially emotional about close at hand.

Take care of your health

Depending on how your pregnancy is progressing you may be having a significant amount of contact with doctors, hospitals and chemists. Make sure that the medical professionals know you are moving, and that your records are transferred. If you need help locating, and registering with, a new doctor, you can get information from NHS Choices.

Check out your new neighbourhood

Settling in to a new home sometimes takes time and it can be useful to get acquainted with the area, and maybe some people, before you move. Look online for groups that you could join, and make contact so you stand less chance of feeling isolated in your new home.

Relax and make life easier

The most important thing to remember if you’re moving while you are pregnant is to try and relax. If you’re feeling stressed then treat yourself to a massage or a walk in the fresh air. You can also make the most of opportunities to take some of the work from your shoulders, such as an online change of address notification service. Finally, remember that you’ll soon be enjoying all the benefits of your new home.

Moving When Pregnant – Advice for Relocating When Pregnant

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