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Essentials Checklist For Your New Home


If you’re just about to move house then you might be wondering what you need to buy first for your new pad!

Whether you’re moving into your first place or you’ve already got quite a lot to move from your current house, we’ve got a top list of essentials so that you don’t get stuck without something you need in your first few days. If you already have these items then pack them in an essentials box and keep this to hand when you move, or head off to the supermarket to stock up as soon as you’ve moved in. We’ve come up with a room by room checklist so that you’re fully prepared!


The Kitchen Blitz Kit

When you move into a new place, it’s always worth giving the kitchen a once-over before you start unpacking. Pack a box of kitchen essentials that includes some antiseptic spray and sponges, cutlery, mugs, glasses, a kettle and tea or coffee so that you can get a cuppa on without having to rummage through too many boxes. There’s nothing more fun than getting a takeaway on the night you move in but you’ll definitely need something to eat it with so a few knives and forks are a must! Kitchen roll, washing up liquid, gloves, and bin bags are also high on our list of priorities. If you’re planning to get cooking straight away then keep a couple of pans, knives and chopping boards accessible as well as spices and condiments.


Avoid Any Mishaps in the Bathroom

The likelihood is that whoever has moved out of the house hasn’t left anything in the bathroom at all so you’ll need to turn up armed with your own toilet roll and soap – these two items are probably the most important things on our checklist! Other things to consider include towels so you can dry your hands, a shower curtain (these don’t tend to last very well so you may not want to use the one that’s already there), a bath mat, and non-slip grip mat if your shower is over the bath. Also remember cosmetic essentials such as your toothbrush, hairbrush, shower gel, and any medication you need.


Get Ready to Lounge

If you’re moving in but don’t have a sofa yet then make sure you’ve got something comfy to sit on whether it’s a camp chair, a couple of cushions or a thick blanket. Packing boxes can always function as a table if needed – and this is much better than eating standing up. You’ll likely want to set up the television and WiFi router pretty quickly so you can get connected and chill out with a movie. WiFi providers sometimes take a few days to send your new router across and set it up so try and organise this ahead of your moving day.


What About the Bedroom?

Aside from the obvious bed and bedding essentials, make sure you equip your room with a laundry basket, clothes hangers for the wardrobe, a bedside table lamp (so you don’t have to fight your way back to the bed after switching off the main light), and some curtains if your new place doesn’t already have these. Under the bed storage boxes are also very handy to tidy away personal items when you’re unpacking; if you want to get your shelves looking neat in no time then some smaller storage baskets can work wonders!


Extra Bits And Bobs You May Need!

If you’re moving into a rental then it’ll likely be kitted out with light bulbs but it’s worth having a couple of the standard sizes on hand in case you move in to find a few missing. A hoover and mop and bucket can come in handy if the place hasn’t already been professionally cleaned. We’d advise hoovering the whole house and then mopping the kitchen and bathroom floors too.

More importantly, make sure you have a basic tool kit to hand – with allen keys, screw-drivers and any relevant assembly instructions so that you can get your bed and other pieces of furniture built as quickly as possible. If you’re moving with the Brighton based Love Removals team then we’ll also help you reassemble up to three items of furniture during the move.


Armed With Your Checklist, Enjoy Your New Place!

Tracking your essentials on a list, digitally or on paper, can help ensure that you aren’t caught out! Not having to worry about running out of soap, loo roll or bin bags means that you’ll be able to focus on settling in and getting your new place just how you like it.

When it comes to moving day, make sure you’ve got your essentials box with you but don’t panic if you’ve forgotten something – you’ll often be able to improvise with what you do have or nip out to the shops and get what you need. Just enjoy your new home!




Essentials Checklist For Your New Home

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