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21 Packing Hacks To Ensure Moving Day Doesn’t Hurt!


Packing all of your belongings into boxes all day isn’t the most enjoyable job in the world but it has to be done if you are moving house.

Fortunately, we have a superb list of packing hacks that will turn this once tedious, laborious process into a breeze!

Here we …

1 – Use bin liners to store your clothes

While your clothes are on the hanger slide a bin liner over as many as possible and leave the hangers sticking out the top. Instantly, you have packed five or six (or more) items in a matter of seconds.

2 – Use empty toilet rolls to store cables and wires

Simply wrap the cables into a ball by wrapping it around your hand, then stuff inside an empty toilet roll.

3 – Cut handles into the sides of boxes

Not all boxes have pre-cut handles. If yours don’t, carefully use a sharp knife and cut a small rectangle into each end that is large enough to fit your fingers.

4 – Stack plates like records

Stack them vertically instead of laying them flat in a box. You can fit more into each box this way, trust us!

5 – Wrap plates in old clothes

This means you don’t have to go out and buy tonnes of bubble wrap. Wrap plates in your clothes and stack in a box as mentioned above.

6 – Do not fold your clothes, roll them

By rolling your clothes you can fit more into a suitcase or box. Don’t believe us? Try it!

7 – Label boxes on all sides including the top

If the box is only labeled on one side you can be sure it is that side that will be against a wall or somewhere where you can’t see it. Label all sides and you will avoid this problem.

8 – Use cling film to keep drawers in place

Wrap your chest of drawers in cling film and leave the drawers where they are. As long as it’s not too heavy you can lift the entire chest of drawers in one go.

9 – Don’t lose your screws

If you are dismantling furniture keep all the screws, bolts and any other objects in a clear, see through bag (a sandwich bag works great) and tape it to the piece of furniture it came from.

10 – Place string under tape when sealing boxes

Leave a piece of string hanging out the end and when you need to open the box simply pull the string and the tape will fly off! No need for scissors or knives.

11 – Use pillows as padding

Place any pillows in a garbage bag and seal it, then use them as padding in your van or car to stop other items falling around.

12 – Stuff socks inside your shoes

Roll your socks into a ball and stuff them inside your shoes. Socks live in shoes anyway, a few more hours won’t hurt.

13 – Protect your mattress

Buy some old bedding (or use old sheets you don’t mind getting messy) and cover both sides of your mattress. This will protect the mattress itself during the move.

14 – Only pack what you want to take with you

Moving house can be a great way to get rid of any clutter you no longer need. Think of how much extra space you will have in your new house.

15 – Eat everything in sight before moving!

Packing food and drink is pointless, eat and drink as much as you can before you leave so you don’t have to take it with you.

16 – Keep an eye on the box with your children’s toys

Trust me, when the kids arrive at the new house they will want something to do. Clearly label their toy box so they can play with their toys while you continue un-packing.

17 – Use stuffed animals to protect fragile items in boxes

If you have anything fragile in a box, place a stuffed animal in with it to act as padding. You might want to wrap the stuffed animals in a plastic bag first.

18 – Use a suitcase with wheels to carry heavy items

Things such as books can be stored in a suitcase and simply wheeled away. Much easier than carrying a heavy box full of books or magazines.

19 – Pack picture frames vertically in boxes

If you lay them flat they are more prone to breaking.

20 – Don’t fill large boxes with heavy items

Why? Because it will be too heavy to carry. The rule is this: put heavy items in small boxes and lighter items in larger boxes.

21 – Wrap table legs with furniture

This will stop them from getting damaged during transit.

If you follow our advice moving day will be much easier, we guarantee it!

21 Packing Hacks To Ensure Moving Day Doesn’t Hurt!

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