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How Much Does a Removals Company Cost? 5 Key Considerations


If you’ve just secured your new pad, you’ll be starting to think about what you need to prepare for your big move! From the removals costs to storage, there are several elements to consider when budgeting for your move. Here are the top five factors that your chosen removals company will take into account when providing your quote:


1. House Size And Moving Distance

Your basic removals cost will largely be determined by the size of your house and how far you’re moving. These are our standard LOVE Removals costs for moving home in the UK, which are competitive with the market rate:

  • The moving cost of a 1 bedroom flat locally is £360
  • The moving cost of 2 bedroom house/flat is £450-595
  • The moving cost of a 3 bedroom house is £645
  • The removals costs of a 4 bedroom house is £995
  • The removals cost for a 5 bedroom house is £1,295

If you’re not just moving locally but there’s a significant drive involved, this will increase the prices above. On top of the base cost for your property size and moving distance, make sure you discuss the following factors with your removals company before they provide the final quote.


2. What Extra Moving Services Do You Require?

On top of your main moving costs, you may require additional services to take off some of the stress when you move:

  • Storage. Whether you need a temporary storage solution in between homes, or are downsizing and need somewhere to store excess possessions, you will need to ensure your possessions are kept safe and secure. Most removals providers have their own storage service or storage partners which can be included in the total cost of your quote. They can recommend a storage provider for you or take your possessions to a storage facility of your choice, if you’d rather choose your own.
  • Packaging and packing services. You can request packing materials at extra cost (LOVE removals provide these at cost price within a 25 mile radius of our head office), so you have everything you need to prepare the move. Or, you might want a partial or full packing service so you don’t need to spend weeks preparing for your move and assembling endless boxes yourself! Particularly if you’re on a tight schedule, it’s worth asking your removals company how much extra this will cost. Also be aware that an extra cost might be included for fragile items such as antiques, fine arts or a piano.
  • Dismantling and reassembling furniture. If you don’t fancy yourself as handy with the power tools, you can delegate the task of dismantling and reassembling furniture to your removals team! At LOVE Removals, we include disassembly and reassembly of three items as standard in our overall quote to help you settle in to your new pad faster.


3. Is Access An Issue?

Your chosen removals company will need access to the front door of your existing property and your new home – and will need to be able to park close by so you’ll need to plan for any challenges with your removals team in advance. For example, small lanes or low bridges on approach to your property may mean that a smaller, shuttle vehicle is needed in addition to the main removals van.

A first floor property with no lift may mean that additional labour is required. And planning for parking restrictions is important too; most removal companies will expect you to arrange parking permits for the day of the move so it’s best to discuss this when they’re providing their initial quote. Specialist moving equipment may also be needed such as a hoist, cherry picker or tail lift to raise items through the window if they are unable to be dismantled and won’t fit through the door.


4. Do You Require Extra Insurance?

Your removals company should be able to provide a base level of insurance for goods in transit – and most home insurance policies also cover you for any property being moved by a removal company. However, you may need to consider additional insurance if you have high value goods as most transit insurance only covers a standard amount per item – around £40/item.

Plus, if you are packing your own possessions, ask your removal company if you’re covered by their insurance policy as some will not cover you for loss or damage if you have packed yourself. If you’ve got lots of items that require careful packing, ask your removals company for help!


5. Late Key Charges and Cancellation 

Due to solicitors delays or the previous owner taking longer to vacate if you’re in a buying chain, you may not be able to gain access to your new home at the agreed time for your removals company to start unloading your possessions. If your removals company has to wait a long time at the new property, you may be charged an additional fee.

However, at LOVE Removals, we don’t charge for late entry as we understand this is often out of your control, so you don’t need to worry about this on your moving day! You should also double-check your removal company’s cancellation policy before finalising your booking.


We LOVE Taking The Stress Out Of Moving!

At LOVE Removals, we’ve got your move covered and will ensure all the details of your move are taken into account before providing a final quote so there’s no extra surprises.

We also provide a personalised removals plan that’s tailored specifically to you so you have all the details you need! The clue is in the name; we move you with LOVE and treat your possessions as if they were our own!




How Much Does a Removals Company Cost? 5 Key Considerations

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